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Dr. Edusei and Family Renovates Facilities On KUMACA Campus

Okunini Dr. Kwame Bawuah Edusei (class of 1974), his lovely wife, Mrs. Evangeline Afriyie

Bawuah-Edusei and the Edusei Foundation are pleased to announce the completion of several projects in the girls'

dormitories: renovating the bathrooms and toilet facilities for both Yaa Akyiaa and Akua Nyarko houses, as well as painting and beautification of both buildings. These accomplishments signify the Edusei Foundation’s commitment towards improving the lives of our youth in general and girls in particular. We hope that these efforts will help improve the girls’ morale and empower them to achieve their full potential and become future contributors to the betterment of our country.

My sincere appreciation to the following ladies who greatly contributed in diverse ways to make this a success:

Ms. Grace Ayiku (1974)

Mrs. Vera Osei (1970)

Ms. Mamaa Ode (1971)

Ms. Priscilla

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