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Send Scores


Learn how to send your scores to colleges and how to choose which scores to send.

Makeup Testing


If your test center was closed on test day, find out your next steps and reprint your Admission Ticket.

When Scores Arrive


Find out when to expect your SAT scores and get answers to your questions about score delivery.

SAT Practice


Get all the tips and tools you need to do your best on the new SAT.

Different types of aid (private scholarships, state grants, etc.) have different rules, called eligibility criteria, to determine who gets the aid. Here are the eligibility criteria for the federal student aid programs.

Basic Eligibility Criteria
Students With a Parent Who Was Killed in Iraq or Afghanistan
Non-U.S. Citizens
Students With Criminal Convictions
Students With Intellectual Disabilities
Staying Eligible
Regaining Eligibility

A new way to prepare for the ACT test

The new PreACT™ empowers students with insight into their academic progress, information to help make important decisions, and results that predict future performance on the ACT® test. It is now available for schools, districts, and states to order.

You've been planning for this for your entire high school career.  You've crafted the perfect transcript, achieved the standardized test score you want, committed passionately to your extracurricular activities,researched schools, and identified your best-fit colleges.

It's time to show off all that work on an all-star application. Here's what you need to know to get started on your college application and stay organized:

There are two reasons STEM is so important.


First, every generation tries to raise the standard of living, education and success for those following in their footsteps. This reflects a sense of optimism, hope and faith, and it builds a legacy for the future.


The second reason is more practical. More than 20 percent of the jobs in our country today require knowledge or training in a STEM field, yet many remain unfilled. Recent estimates show as many as 2.5 million STEM-based job opportunities are available right now.

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