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Our Mission

"The Edusei foundation facilitates youth development primarily in the United States and Ghana to impact Diasporans in a positive manner. Our goal is to improve knowledge, behavior, and health. In collaboration with other non-governmental organizations, we empower women and children"

Aims & Goals

  1. Use learning centers, workshops, and seminars to improve academic excellence in the sciences, arts, and finance; and provide instruction in civic responsibilities and cultural values.

  2. Work with women and children toward gender equality and empowerment.

  3. Provide medical counseling and recreational opportunities to promote healthy life styles.

  4. We conduct workshops to counsel youth in career and college selection, life survival and leadership skills, and financial literacy.

  5. Facilitate education of youth to fortify positive cultural values and enhance job creation skills.

  6. Engage, educate and empower youth to contribute toward developing a peaceful, healthy, united and technologically advanced world.

  7. In all our endeavors we emphasize POSITIVE THINKING and ACTIONS to thrive.

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