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Edusei Foundation Hosts Workshop in Virginia

For the past four years, the Edusei Foundation has organized series of workshops in various cities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ghana. The foundation empowers young Ghanaian students to discover their potential by pairing them with young professionals who coach and introduce the youth to emerging technologies and also assist them with information on various academic disciplines.

In their pursuit of academic and professional excellence, the Foundation hosted a Youth and leadership development Workshop in Northern Virginia, the USA on Saturday, July 15, 2017 at the Embassy Suites in Springfield, Virginia.

The event took off with a traditional cultural display by the Maryland based Pan African Arts Center for African Cultures led by Kwame Ansah Brew. The cultural display incited the youth interest in their native culture as a befitting curtain raiser to the Professional Workshop.

Dr. Kwame Edusei, a Physician, diplomat, business executive and founder of the Edusei Foundation set the ball rolling by giving an insight into his motivation behind the setting up of the foundation and his commitment to instilling positivity in the youth in their endeavors to pursue their careers with a positive mental attitude. He said one of the main challenges hampering societal development is what in the Akan local parlance referred to as “aboro” being the act of bringing others down. He, therefore, admonished the youth to eschew negativity and pursue their dreams with positivity. As a medical practitioner, he advised the youth to maintain healthy lifestyles by avoiding smoking and eating right.

Dr. Edusei acknowledged the presence of Bernadette Paolo the former CEO of The Africa Society of the National Summit on Africa, and Patricia Baine the current President of the Africa Society of the National Summit

After the introduction by Dr. Kwame Bawuah Edusei professional Graduates from prestigious institutions took turns to take the youth through career choices.

Ms. Joyce Williams – An attorney gave a presentation of the career paths to get into law school and various options to specialize in the law career.

Chris Kwabena Gyan Baffour a Howard University trained Information Systems Consultant picked up the baton and went through various IT careers and opportunities. He challenged and admonished them on their potential to develop their own online apps.

Claudia Serebour, a Doctoral Candidate and Graduate student at Howard University delved into Professions in the Health Sciences; Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing and Dentistry and their expected remunerations. She performed a scientific experiment in the course of her presentation to catch their attention and explained that as her motivation to choose a career in the health sciences.

Sandra Ayensu, A Cyber Security and Project Management Specialist concluded the presentation with a thorough knowledge of what IT specialists do in the daily activities and their expectations.

Questions and answers were shelved for the break out session where they were divided into various groups by professions where the young students had a one on one interaction with the professionals.

Ms. Sandra Ayensu took them through the working process of 3D printing which she had made available at the workshop. Also, a young high school student who had developed an online game application took the youth through the application processes. .

After several hours of interaction and coaching the youth were feted to various continental dishes with their parents.

The event came to a conclusion with the Foundation presenting certificates of attendance, and Edusei Foundation T shirts to all the students and thereafter Dr. Edusei and his family had a photo session with everyone.

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