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Edusei Foundation Helps the Needy Across Ghana

The mark of a true philanthropist is in how he keeps giving to the people who really need the help consistently over a period of time. Not only has Dr. Kwame Bawuah-Edusei established a long reputation of giving spanning over three decades, the Edusei Foundation that he founded continues to bring smiles to Ghana’s needy consistently, relentlessly, and across all parts of the nation.

Kasoa, Central Region

Palace Gold Child Support in Kasoa, Central Region last September became the latest in a long line of institutions and charity organizations making it onto the Edusei Foundation’s list of charitable recipients. The center caught the attention of the foundation’s agents in Ghana who have been charged by the founder to continually look out for credible homes and organizations that are truly helping children in a manner that aligns with its core mission of developing the youth for a better future.

Since Dr. Kwame Bawuah-Edusei founded his foundation and dedicated it to the empowering of women and children, many organizations have been reaching out to tap into the flow of charitable donations that have spanned the length and breadth of Ghana. But Edusei Foundation has maintained its adherence to the criteria it uses to select which organizations receive donations.

Organizations have to be visibly impactful, non-political, transparent, and show that donations received actually end up helping needy women and children. And while the foundation does not send its agents to the premises to openly audit these organizations, those agents conduct extensive but out-of-sight background investigations before shortlisting any center or organization for final approval.

To that end, it came as no surprise that Kasoa Palace Gold Child Support came out ahead of other finalists. The center is an institution where poor and needy children who have dropped out of, or have never been to school are identified, picked up and given free education. The facility also provides food and clothes for its wards. Edusei Foundation agents were also impressed with the ability of the center’s management to stretch every cedi to obtain more on behalf of the children.

Jirapa, Upper West Region

Another facility that made the list of recipients for this donation period is Saint Joseph Orphanage in Jirapa, Upper West Region. Established by the Catholic Church in 1939, the center caters for orphaned and abandoned babies and raise them according to Catholic principles. The orphanage’s long tradition and excellence have accorded it experience to seamlessly channel gifts and donations to effectively benefit children domiciled on its premises.

Here again when a decision was made to choose a center in the northern part of Ghana for this round of donations, an advance team spent two weeks evaluating five of these facilities talking with people with knowledge about their respective operations and at times visiting the facilities under a different pretext all in an effort to assess their effectiveness in delivering help to the needy.

Thus as agents of Edusei Foundation led by Yakubu Assani on September 21st made a presentation of food items and other products worth over GHC 5,000, founder Dr. Bawuah-Edusei felt confident back in the United States that his donations would be put to good use to benefit the needy. Indeed Saint Joseph Orphanage deserve worthy commendation for demonstrating that donations made to its center benefit needy orphans and abandoned children.

Receiving the donations on behalf of their respective centers, Rosetta Konduah of Kasoa Palace Gold Child Support and Rev, Celine Tietaah of Saint Joseph Orphanage were both generous with their show of gratitude and praise for Edusei Foundation for not only coming to their aid when they needed it the most, but also challenging other institutions and charities to put the welfare of women and children at the forefront of what they do. Until charitable giving by the fortunate in our society to established organizations becomes commonplace in Ghana, however, Edusei Foundation will persevere on this crusade of helping to develop the youth for a better future.

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