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Edusei Foundation Youth Workshop In Tamale, 3rd October 2015

The Edusei Foundation was founded by Dr. Kwame Bawuah Edusei, a US based medical practitioner, philanthropist and former diplomat who has committed his life as a private citizen to champion the cause of the underprivileged especially the youth and women in society.With one of its major aims as; to use learning centers, workshops, and seminars to improve academic excellence in the sciences, arts, and finance; and provide instruction in civic responsibilities and cultural values, the Foundation with a track record of conducting several of such programs in both Ghana and abroad on 3rd October 2015 organized its first youth workshop in the regional capital Tamale. This was after the maiden edition for the Northern Region of Ghana had already been organized in Savelugu and the patrons of the region were appreciative and they kindly requested for another such workshop to be organized.

The event took place in the Assembly Hall of the Tamale Senior High School. A total of 150 students participated in the workshop. Participants were each given a pen, notepad and an Edusei Branded T-Shirt during the registration.

The program commenced with the Founder’s message which was read to the participants. This was followed by the history of Edusei Foundation as well as highlights on some activities undertaken by the Foundation. A session was conducted on Positive Thinking where the participants were asked to share their knowledge on its meaning and what it entailed.

After a brief break where participants were given a little snack, it was then time for the Breakout Session. There were five groups available to the participants to choose from:

  1. Education, handled by Alhaji M. Abdul Rahman Saani

  2. Law, handled by Lawyer Issah Mahamudu

  3. Medicine, handled by Dr. Adamu Tiifu John

  4. Nursing, handled Akua Gyamfua Acheampong, and

  5. Business, handled by Hamza Kassim

The sessions were really active with a lot of questions being asked by participants and appropriate answers given. At the end of the event the students gave their candid feedback, which was overwhelmingly positive.

Resource persons and participants were each given a Certificate of participation followed by a takeout lunch pack.

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