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Seminar On Youth Development At Savelugu Senior High School

Students were invited from Savelugu and Pong Tamale Senior High Schools. Savelugu S.H.S presented 30 students whiles Pong Tamale S.H.S presented 20 students. Equal numbers of boys and girls participated.


Registration started at 8:30 am. During the registration each participant was given a T-Shirt from Edusei Foundation.


The programme started with a brief history of Edusei Foundation and its objectives. This was followed by a discussion on the importance of developing the youth and the need for the Seminar.

Participants were then put into groups, each group consisting of five students. Each group was tasked to brainstorm on the challenges facing the youth and to give suggested solutions to those challenges. The groups were given cardboards and felt pens to note down their findings. This activity lasted for forty minutes after which the groups were asked to present their reports. The students participated actively in the discussion.

There was a snack break at 11:00am during which the participants were served with soft drinks and snacks.

There was also a presentation by the Resource Persons on problems confronting the youth and their solutions. In all emphasis was put on youth development and education of the youth. The participants were taken through topics such as life in school and out of school. They were made aware of the opportunities available after school and they were asked to study hard to enable them acquire admission to tertiary institutions. They were told to make good use of the counselling services provided by their schools.

The Seminar ended at 2:30pm after which the participants were served with lunch.

Resource Persons

  • Yakubu Assani (Retired District Director of Education)

  • Alhaji M.S. Abdul Rahman (Tamale Metro Director of Education)

  • Alhaji Abdul Raouf (Businessman)

Teachers from participating schools:

Savelugu S.H.S. - led by the Assistant Headmaster and two teachers

Pong Tamale S.H.S – Assistant Headmaster

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