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Youth Workshop At Bekwai

The program commenced with the registration of participants by Madam Joyce Afari and Thomas Ernest Kyei. Program was overseen by Mr. SekyereSulemana and Mr. Tijani Hussein Kada (MC’s for the day).

Mr Derick Oppong–Agyare gave the opening prayer. Mr. Tijani Hussein Kada mounted the podium to introduce the Chairman for the day; Mr/ Kwabena Kwaw Boadu Edusei. In the Chairman’s statement he gave a brief description of Edusei Foundation and highlighted a few donations as well as other youth workshops organized by Edusei Foundation in several parts of Ghana as well as other parts of the world including the United States of America, UK Canada and the diaspora. He lastly spoke on positive thinking and asked the participants to face life in a positive manner and not be downtrodden by adverse struggles they may face.

Mr NawasYunus spoke on morality from an Islamic perspective. He started by saying God created all things and hence no matter what life we live there will be judgement at the end of it all. He asked the participants to be God fearing as it is seen in the Quran and that such acts improves one’s life and bestows God’s blessings upon them. He lastly asked Allah to bless all those present and the Edusei family for taking the initiative to help and develop the youth.

Next was a brief overview by the professionals on their various fields. Mrs. Felicia Edusei who spoke on Nursing/Midwifery asked participants that in any profession they intend venturing into they need to be sure they have what it takes and it’s exactly what they want and don’t make any rash decisions. For the health workers she said one rule is always dissipate health care with a smile. Mr. Lawrence Bruce Kyei on Law gave a few basics of law and parts of law participants could venture into and ended by saying that Law isn’t always about the courtroom. Mr. Derick Oppong–Agyare for Business briefly said he was going to delve into why in Ghana most businesses failed to progress yet in foreign countries it was quite the contrary. Mr. Tijani Hussein Kada for Education briefly said God Himself is a teacher so anybody at all is a natural born teacher. Dr. Juliana Opoku–Manu for Medicine said Medicine is very easy to undertake once you are willing. Lastly Mr. KwadwoTawiah Edusei for Information Technology spoke on how the world had gone through evolution, from the stone Age through the electronic age to the current digital age. He stated that in this age no matter what you need to interact with a computer.

Next was the feedback, questions and contribution. One pleaded with Edusei Foundation to help participants present who had good grades but because of financial constraints could not further their education. Another was grateful for such an event being organized in their community.

Rev. Ft. Louis AkuokoSarpong then spoke on morality from a Christian perspective. He asked participants to first of all trust in God and be guided by His ways. He then admonished them to be morally upright and build faith in God.

Certificates were then presented to the partipants by Mr. Kwabena Kwaw Boadu Edusei with the help of the delegates.

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